Alaric embraced polytheism in the summer of 1971, and has never looked back! Over the past four decades his personal spiritual practice has developed as a synthesis of Anglo-Saxon tradition, country beliefs, herbal studies and rune lore. For Alaric, a reverence for the earth and respect for ancestral and indigenous spirits are fundamental defining qualities of Pagan religion.
   During the 70's, living in the Ozark mountains, Alaric had the opportunity to talk with rural people with traditional customs - moon lore, weather lore, healing superstitions - passed on for generations. During this time he was also influenced by spiritist traditions. He eventually moved to Kansas City, where he served as Vice President and on the Board of Directors for the Heartland Spiritual Alliance during the 1990's. In 2001, on the day of the winter solstice, Alaric left the Midwest and moved to Pennsylvania, where he currently resides.
   Alaric and his husband Scott co-founded the Saxon inhíred Earendel in 2003. Like all inhírdas, Earendel is an extended family and not open to the public, but its members strive to foster a greater public awareness and appreciation of Pagan Saxon traditions in southwestern Pennsylvania. As an author, speaker and drýmann, Alaric himself travels around the United States giving presentations and classes throughout the year.









Within the pages of this book Alaric reveals the beliefs of the early English (Anglo-Saxon) people and shows how these are reflected in his own spiritual practice. Learn how to develop a fulfilling relationship with the Old Gods, with your ancestors and with the spirits that live in the world around you. A few of the book's topics include:

  • How Saxon beliefs and concepts are coded into the English language.
  • The concept of "wyrd" and how it shapes our destiny.
  • How to make mead.
  • The skills of the Saxon druid.
  • Rites of Passage in the life of a Saxon Pagan.
  • Travels Through Middle Earth is a reflection of Alaric's own spiritual practice. Anyone with an interest in earth-spirituality is sure to enjoy it.

    "This book is a thorough and enjoyable voyage into the heart of modern Anglo-Saxon spirituality. With his breezy style and quick wit, the author displays a practical approach to this religion that is both fascinating and informative. I heartily recommend this book to everyone, particularly folks new to this path!"
    - Rev. Kirk S. Thomas, ADF Archdruid



    WYRDWORKING: The Path of a Saxon Sorcerer

    Once again Alaric uncovers the practices and customs of the Anglo-Saxons hidden in early charms and English folk traditions. Travels Through Middle Earth explored how to connect with the Saxon gods and spirits. Now Wyrdworking will teach you everything you need to know to practice Saxon sorcery. Topics include:

  • Everything you need and don't need to begin your work as a Saxon sorcerer.
  • Discover the mysteries and magic of all 33 Old English runes.
  • Learn to design effective spells through the use of galdor.
  • Interested in herbology? Wyrdworking will show you how to get started.
  • Brew potions, craft charms and work spells to improve your life and the lives of your loved ones.
  • Magic is not a path for everyone, but if you feel a calling for this ancient art then this is the book you need!

    "Without denying the modern world and other occult traditions, (Alaric) remains true to the culture and traditions of the Saxons and clearly demonstrates how we can follow this path of magick."
    - Christopher Penczak (The Mystic Foundation, The Plant Spirit Familiar)



    TO WALK A PAGAN PATH: Practical Spirituality for Every Day

    You've read about Pagan religion and magic. You've participated in rituals and worked a few spells. Now learn how to live as a Pagan, every day of the year! Alaric Albertsson's newest book on Pagan spirituality will show you how to:

  • Follow seven simple steps to integrate your spirituality with your daily life.
  • Design a sacred calendar relevant to your spiritual path and your local environment.
  • Transform ordinary daily activities into uplifting, sacred moments of your day.
  • Develop a working relationship with an animal familiar.
  • Connect with the earth by growing a portion of your own food - even if you live in the city!
  • Bake bread, churn butter and make jam.
  • Construct a sun wheel, a corn doll or a scrying mirror.
  • Make your own ritual candles, incense and magical potpourri.
  • No matter who you are, no matter where you live, To Walk a Pagan Path is filled with ideas to express your spirituality throughout the year!



    Influenced by authors like Huxley (Brave New World), Heinlein (Stranger in a Strange Land) and Foster (Nor Crystal Tears), Alaric enjoys speculative fiction that explores what it means to be human. Visit the Otherworlds of Alaric Albertsson website and learn more about his novels.

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    A New Look for a Great Book

    Posted February 10th, 2017 by Alaric

    I honestly believe that Wyrdworking: The Path of a Saxon Sorcerer is the best of my books, and I am not alone in that opinion.  Just last month the owner of one of the nation’s largest New Age stores told me she thought Wyrdworking was the best book about Anglo-Saxon runes available today.  And apparently “the people upstairs” at Llewellyn Worldwide are also impressed by the book, because they think it should be reaching a far wider audience.

    Because of this, my acquisitions editor contacted me last year and asked how I would feel about the book getting a new title.  I certainly had no objections.  Back when I submitted a book called Charming the Plow, Elysia (my editor) said the title was confusing and insisted I change it.  That’s why it became To Walk a Pagan Path, which managed to hit the #1 spot for several months on Amazon’s list of Pagan books.  So if Elysia wanted a new title for Wyrdworking, I was immediately on board!

    And so there were meetings.  Ideas were tossed around.  I was told that the book would also get a new cover by the talented Kevin R. Brown (who did the amazing cover for To Walk a Pagan Path).  Officially, Wyrdworking went out of print.

    This coming September, with a beautiful new cover, my book will be released as A Handbook of Saxon Sorcery and Magic.  If you already have Wyrdworking, don’t worry, you aren’t missing out on anything.  The new version is the exact same book, only with a different title.  The fact is, most people don’t know what ‘wyrd’ is, and so they don’t have a clue of what ‘wyrdworking’ might mean.  Under this new title, my book may reach countless people who would otherwise pass it up.  And some of those people will feel a connection to Saxon wiccecræft.  And some of those people will hear Woden’s call.

    And that, after all, is why I write these books.


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