How To Practice Goddess Spirituality? (Question)

What is the meaning of Goddess Spirituality?

  • Goddess spirituality is a spiritual practice that centers around the Divine Feminine (an aspect of God that’s been stifled for many centuries). Women and men can practice goddess spirituality as it is beneficial for everyone! What beliefs are part of Goddess spirituality?

How do I awaken my goddess?

Begin with exercises like radical acceptance and affirmative self-talk to connect with your inner self. Call on goddess energy to identify your divine gifts and find strength. Then create realistic, achievable goals—and learn how to embrace self-care and self-love on the journey to your most authentic state of being.

How do you get into goddess energy?

Here Are 10 Ways to Access and Ignite Your Divine Feminine Inner Goddess:

  1. Practice Self-Love and Self-Care.
  2. Treat Everyone How You Want to Be Treated.
  3. Adorn Yourself.
  4. Adorn Your Space.
  5. Create Rituals.
  6. Spend Time Around Divine Feminine Goddess Energy.
  7. Seek Balance.
  8. Invoke the Power of Mantras.

What is a goddess spiritual?

Goddess spirituality is the reverential experiencing and expressing of divine female energies within the universe. Goddess spirituality played a major role in the Neolithic Age with its agrarian revolution and emphasis on the fertility of the Earth, perceived as Great Mother, Bearer of all Life.

How do I know if I am a goddess?


  1. SHE KNOWS that size and age are arbitrary numbers.
  2. SHE CARES about those she calls her own with a fierce and unrelenting passion.

How do you tap into divine feminine energy?

Here’s how you can start tapping into this energy in your everyday life:

  1. Reclaim rest.
  2. Embrace your sensuality.
  3. Journal.
  4. Practice self-love.
  5. Get in touch with your dreams.
  6. Incorporate more yin energy in your space.
  7. Prioritize “me-time.”
  8. Tap into your intuition.

How do you know if your a divine feminine?

Traits of the Divine Masculine include logic, reason, action, firmness, survival, loyalty, adventurousness, strength, and rationality, according to Meanwhile, the Divine Feminine encompasses intuition, nurturing, healing, gentleness, expression, wisdom, patience, emotions, and flexibility.

What is goddess worship called?

The Goddess movement includes spiritual beliefs or practices (chiefly Neopagan) which emerged predominantly in North America, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand in the 1970s. Some, such as Dianic Wicca, exclusively worship female deities, while others do not.

Who is the strongest goddess?

1. Athena. At the top of the list comes the goddess of wisdom, reasoning, and intelligence – Athena.

What does goddess worship mean?

Goddess worship may refer to: The worship of any goddess in polytheistic religions. Worship of a Great Goddess on a henotheistic or monotheistic or duotheistic basis.

Goddess Spirituality Resources

“Can you tell me who she is? She is your source of strength, your Feminine energy. ‘Big Mama,’ she’s called. The Goddess, to be precise. The Great Unsolved Mysteries The web-builder is a person who creates websites. The vitality of things. You may not recognize her the first time you see her, or the twentieth time you see her. Alternatively, pretend not to hear. As she floods your body with waves of horror and joy, you can’t help but smile. However, when she calls, you will be aware that you have been contacted.

A movement.

One of the characteristics shared by persons who identify with Goddess Spirituality is a belief in the Goddess as the main divinity, or the Creatrix, as the source of all creation.

Worship styles, ceremonial rituals, and Goddess Spirituality expression are flexible and reflect a “being-ness” rather than dogma, and there are no defined rules for practicing Goddess Spirituality.

  • All that matters is your unique relationship with Goddess and how you see the world from a feminine perspective.
  • Many pre-Christian matriarchal communities, as well as ancient Goddess/Pagan faiths, can serve as sources of inspiration for Goddess Spirituality, as can be seen in the following examples.
  • Many of these meetings are geared toward women, with a strong emphasis on spiritual worship, feminine rites of passage, and blood mysteries at their core.
  • As with males, women have their own cycles and seasons, which include “doing and seclusion, running and remaining,” being engaged and being withdrawn, questing and relaxing, producing and incubating, being of the world and returning to a soul-place,” according to the author.
  • Consider Goddess Spirituality to be a holy container for your awakening to the Divine Feminine; a path of reconnecting and re-membering the soul seeds of Goddess that are deeply buried inside your heart and souls.
  • Throughout the articles and services on MotherHouse and Mystery School of the Goddess, you will realize that each person’s relationship to the Goddess is unique.
  • Some sites to start your investigation, as well as some ways to connect with others, are included below.

xo Kimberly Moore is a woman who works in the fashion industry.

My Goddess, my Mother, and my Source are all one and the same.

Our eyes are attracted to Her because she is dressed in gold, luring us into Her sacred dance.

She is the essence of our being, our hearts, our creations, and our recollections.

Goddess, Mother, Source, and All are all terms used to describe the goddess.

A devotional community, MotherHouse of the Goddess is a living temple to the Goddess in all of Her manifestations, and our Goddess Temple is a live altar to the Goddess.

MotherHouse of the Goddess was founded in July 2013 by Priestess Kimberly Moore as a physical embodiment of her love to the Goddess of Love.

MotherHouse Goddess Temple is thrilled to serve Goddess in all of Her manifestations and to serve as a hub of spiritual activity for devotees all over the world.

Thank you for visiting, and you are cordially invited to attend one of our free Goddess Temple events!

Many of these Goddesses are important figures in our Temple’s history.

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Through the MotherHouse of the Goddess site, we present a monthly Goddess calendarfor you to utilize in conjunction with theHolyDays that are significant to your practice and beliefs.

That are the Goddesses who are now in your immediate vicinity?

Keep track of your Goddess HolyDays, Rituals, and Sacred Writings with our NEW Goddess Planner, which is available now. By participating in online learning with Priestess Kimberly Moore, you may deepen your relationship with Goddess and your everyday practices. Offerings made without charge:

  • The Literary Goddess Circle is a group of women who love to read and write. Everyday Sacred 2020
  • Everyday Sacred 2030
  • Group on Facebook called MotherHouse of the Goddess
  • Podcasts from Goddess Alive Radio

The Mystery School of the Goddess officially opened its doors in June 2014 and began accepting professors in October of same year. To provide a broad and diversified source of information and practices for individuals seeking transformation in their life via investigation of the Sacred Feminine, Goddess Spirituality, Wisdom Practices (Shamanism), Mindful Living (Mindfulness Practices), as well as the Healing Arts, is our aim. They are writers, professors, and/or expert practitioners in their respective professions, and they have all had past teaching experience in communities, universities and colleges, and online learning environments.

Pay a visit to the Mysterious School of the Goddess The following Facebook groups are active with members of the Mystery School of the Goddess Teachers community: 10,000 members in the MotherHouse of the Goddess Facebook Group Blessings Brigid’s Grove: Feng Shui with Gwynne Warner Brigid’s Grove: Feng Shui with Gwynne Warner Molly Remer facilitates a Creative Spirit Circle.

  • Goddess Priestess Witch co-stars Renee Starr in Goddess Priestess Witch.
  • Gail Jessen is a member of the WIld Women Collective.
  • The Feast of the Sacred Waters will take place in September 2017.
  • According to her, “the mere act of recounting a woman’s narrative from her own point of view is a revolutionary act since it has never been done before.” Merlin Stone’s Ancient Mirrors of Womanhood is a novel about ancient women.
  • Shekinah Mountainwater is credited with this work.
  • The Sacred Priestess is a Goddess’s daughter who serves as a sacrificial priest.
  • Drawing Down the Moon is a novel written by Margot Adler.

Patricia Monaghan’s Goddess Companion: Daily Meditations on the Feminine Spirit is a book on the female spirit.

Gods and Goddesses in the Everywoman by Dr.

Luisah Teish is a model and actress.

A Guide to Creating Your Own Women’s Spirituality Group by Robin Deen Carnes and Sally Craig is a book on creating your own women’s spirituality group.

An Anthology of Priestesses’ Writings, edited by Anne Key and Candace Kant, is a collection of writings about the priestesses’ role.

Sue Monk Kidd’s novel The Dance of the Dissident Daughter is set in the 1960s.

Patricia Monaghan’s book, The Goddess Path, is a must-read.

Iglehart’s book, The Heart of the Goddess: Art, Myth, and Meditations of the World’s Sacred Feminine, has been translated into a number of languages.

Z Budapest is a city in Hungary.

The Moon and the Virgin are two of the most beautiful things in the world.

“The Myth of the Goddess” is a fictionalized version of the myth of the goddess.

Starhawk’s Spiral Dance is one of his most famous works.

Barbara Walker is a woman who lives in the United States.

Goddesses Speak in Their Own Voices Caitlin Matthews contributed to this article.

Carol Christensen is a woman who lives in the United States.

Womanspirit Rising: A Feminist Reader in Religion is a collection of essays by feminist religious scholars.


Estes You Are Woman, You Are Divine: The Modern Woman’s Journey Back to the Goddess is a book written by a woman who is a woman.

TEMPLES OF THE GODDESS Yeshe Matthews is the founder of the Mount Shasta Goddess Temple in Dunsmuir, California.

Caireann Frasca–The Cauldron Temple–Can be found on the internet.

Cactus Springs, Nevada is home to the Temple of Goddess Spirituality, which is dedicated to Sekhmet.

The Goddess Temple of Ashland is located in Ashland, Oregon.

Brandi Auset is known as the Red Priestess (store and blog) Janine Canan is a woman who lives in the United States. Women Need the Goddess, according to Carol Christ Elizabeth Cunningham is a writer and actress who lives in New York City. Max Dashu is the founder of the Suppressed Histories Archive.

  • By Max Dashu, “Witches and Pagans: Women in European Folk Religion 700-1100,” a book on women in folk religion.

Feminism and Religious Beliefs Selena Fox’s Circle Sanctuary is located in Los Angeles, California. Goddess Ink was created by Anne Key (store and blog) Judith Laura Isadora Leidenfrost stars in the film The Red Tent. Layne Redmond invoking the goddess Aphrodite. Brigid’s Grove is named after Molly Remer (store and extensive offerings) Charlene Spretnak is a woman who works in the fashion industry. RENEE STARR, GODDESS PRAYER PRINCIPAL Witch Feminism & Religion blog– some of the authors (such as Carol Christ) are Goddess-oriented, but the site also has pieces from women who are active in mainstream faiths and who are incorporating feminist currents into their spirituality and practices.

This magazine is geared for goddess-women and also includes an online blog.

Despite the fact that the Beltane Papers is no longer in print, some of the older issues are still available on the website and are well worth a look.

Celtic Soul Craft is a form of spirituality that is rooted in the Celtic tradition.

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The Oracle of the Weaver Carolyn Hillyer is the author of this piece.

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Goddess Spirituality: Ways of the Divine Feminine for the Modern Woman

Goddess spirituality isn’t a new notion in the world of religion. It’s been around since the dawn of time, and it’s still going strong. The worship of the Divine Feminine faded away following the emergence of the Church in the Dark Ages, but it is again making a comeback in some circles. We will educate you about goddess spirituality and how the Divine Feminine may benefit your spiritual practice as well as your whole life in this section of the website.

What is Goddess Spirituality?

Religion is a system of ideas accompanied by laws, which are sometimes codified in a sacred text that is read aloud. Having a personal belief and experiencing the Divine, or something bigger and within oneself, is what spirituality is all about. It is not governed by any single religious doctrine or sacred text. Spirituality is defined by the one who practices it. Spirituality centered on the Divine Feminine (that element of God that has been repressed for many years) is known as goddess spirituality or feminine spirituality.

What beliefs are part of Goddess spirituality?

As previously said, spiritual views and ideals will differ from person to person; nonetheless, the majority of those who follow a path of the Divine Feminine believe in a Goddess, a number of goddesses, or the feminine energy of the Divine or God. Some people identify as Pagans, while others are still Christian or adhere to another faith entirely. You can maintain your religion beliefs while following a goddess spiritual path. Even Christianity has a female side to God that has been explored extensively for ages — if you’re interested in learning more, look into Shekina, the feminine Holy Spirit, who has been studied extensively.

Those who pursue a goddess spiritual path believe that the Divine Feminine is inside each and every one of us.

Where to Start with Goddess Spirituality

1.Research and read:If you’re completely unfamiliar with the notion, or if you’re ready to commit to the route, the best way to start is with research and reading material. Investigate the following goddesses from various historical periods and civilizations of interest:

  • Greek goddesses Artemis, Selene, Aphrodite, and Athena
  • Egyptian goddesses Bastet, Isis, Hathor, and Nut
  • Roman goddesses Juno, Diana, and Venus Norse goddesses Freya and Frigga, as well as the Valkyries
  • African goddesses Oshun and Oya, as well as Yemaya Native American: Spider Grandmother, Buffalo Calf Woman
  • Celtic: Brigid, Cerridwen, Rhiannon, Morgan Le Fay
  • Other: Brigid, Cerridwen, Rhiannon, Morgan Le Fay Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Shekina (Holy Spirit), and Sophia are examples of ancient Christian figures.

Read anything you can get your hands on regarding goddess spirituality and the Divine Feminine, as well as anything else you can think of. Here are a few illustrations:

  • HeatherAsh Amara’s Warrior Goddess Training is available online. Goddess Alive: Inviting Celtic and Norse Goddesses Into Your Life by Michelle Skye
  • Goddess Alive: Inviting Celtic and Norse Goddesses Into Your Life by Michelle Skye
  • Goddess Alive: Inviting Celtic and Norse Goddesses Into Your Life by Michelle Skye Sophie Bashford’s book, You Are a Goddess: Working with the Sacred Feminine to Awaken, Heal, and Transform, is a must-read. Celtic Lore & Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess
  • A collection of short stories.

Commune with Nature and the Universe

As a result of the suppression of the Divine Feminine, civilization has lost its connection to the natural world. Many people have lost their respect for Mother Earth and the rest of the universe. Because the ground was identified with the goddess, it was unquestionably bad, just as goddess-worship was considered to be. Now is the time to reconnect with nature in order to resurrect the Divine Feminine. It is imperative that we rediscover its sacredness.

Spend some quality time with Mother Earth. Listen for her voice in the sounds of the animals and the noises of the wind and rain. Investigate the mysteries of the universe, and by extension, the mysteries of the Goddess. Commune with the Goddess and commune with the natural world

Think and Act Like a Goddess

The goddess, also known as the Divine Feminine, is a part of yourself. She is there within you. So start acting as if it’s true! To do this, you must first create a healthy existence for yourself — no more unhealthy habits, harmful relationships, or fears. Make more loving decisions for yourself and develop healthy habits! When presented with a difficult decision, consider what a Goddess might do in your situation. It’s important to remember that goddesses aren’t always full of love and light.

Divine Feminine Sacred Space, RitualMeditation

Create an altar or holy area for the goddess if you desire to have a location where you may concentrate on goddess spirituality. This may be a shelf, a corner of the kitchen counter, a nightstand, or wherever else you choose to put it! It can also be carried around in a backpack or tiny box containing religious objects. On your altar or holy area, place a depiction (or several representations) of the Divine Feminine. Statues, photographs, and paintings are all excellent depictions of the subject.

Rituals and meditation can include the goddess on a variety of levels and in whatever way resonates with the practitioner.

Goddess chants can be included into your ceremonies.

How the Divine Feminine Can Change Your Life

Our feminine characteristics – emotion, intuition, dreams, and healing – have been stifled for hundreds of years according to tradition. IT IS NOW that we must reclaim the Divine Feminine as our own. Your life will improve as a result of your participation in goddess spiritual practice. Why? Because we are souls, and souls require balance — yin and yang – to function properly. There is darkness and brightness. There are both males and females. We become unbalanced when we deny one component of ourselves, and we attract disease and tragedy into our life as a result of this denial.

More on Goddess Spirituality:

  • Ritual of Dedication to the Sacred Mother Goddess
  • Hathor, the Egyptian Goddess of Love
  • Berchta, the Celtic Alpine Goddess of Mothers and Children
  • And many others. Selene: Collaborating with the Goddess of the Moon

Introduction to Goddess Spirituality

Most ‘traditional faiths’ have a male deity as their supreme or sole deity. Our most ancient traditions, however, are those in which both men and women worshipped a Great Mother, who was both the mother of divine girls and the mother of heavenly boys, as we are now discovering in recent years. “Reclaiming Our Goddess Heritage,” written by Riane Eisler. At some point in the distant past (somewhere between 20,000 and 100,000 years ago), the image of an ancient goddess arose throughout an extensive area of territory ranging from the Pyrenees to Lake Baikal in Siberia.

The Myth of the Goddess, by Anne Baring and Jules Cashford, is available online.

The discovery of recent archaeological sites and the improvement of dating techniques have prompted some experts to speculate about a time when the Goddess was revered as the supreme goddess, as the source of all life, as the Creator.

The so-called “Willendorf Venus” and other ancient figurines of broad-hipped women with big breasts and small heads or no faces, such as the “Willendorf Venus,” have been discovered in thousands in archaeological digs.

As a result of this lack of written evidence for the beliefs and practices of Goddess culture, many traditional researchers of religion are inclined to dismiss the notion of an ideal Goddess civilization in which men and women shared authority and warfare was nearly unknown as pure supposition.

  1. Starting roughly 10,000 years ago, the Goddess appears to have been widely venerated from southern Europe to Siberia, through the Mediterranean rim, and down to the Fertile Crescent in Mesopotamia.
  2. In ancient times, she was associated with life-giving streams in the form of rain or rivers, as well as with plants and the moon, whose cycles dictated the lunar calendar, which was crucial to agricultural productivity.
  3. Because there are no decipherable written documents from the oldest societies, we have no clue what the Goddess may have been known as.
  4. The Goddess, in her role as the Great Mother, originally represented both masculine and feminine qualities.
  5. Separate phallic images, generally in the form of a snake or a bull, first appeared approximately 10,000 years ago, and have been seen ever since.
  6. Male gods initially emerge in Egyptian and Mesopotamian culture as the son and/or lover of the Goddess, but they do not appear as the main creator deity of later ages, as they do in later times.
  7. During that time period, the roles of the sexes were most likely balanced in a way that has not been the case since.
  8. They would have been tightly intertwined, and their social structure would have been egalitarian and communal rather than dictatorial and hierarchical, as would have been the case in ancient Egypt.

The arts flourished at that time, and all indications are that they were mostly formed during this long, tranquil summer following the previous Ice Age – most likely, by women, as has been suggested. Following it, there will be an invasion of the Nomad Hordes.

Honor Your Inner Goddess: How to Find Goddess Energy

You can begin by following these steps if you’re ready to rekindle your feminine side.

1. Guard yourbeingtime

By scheduling some much-needed me time, you can reclaim your feminine power and re-connect with your inner self. No matter if it’s a morning meditation session, an afternoon sleep, or a sunset viewing session, respect this time like you would any other appointment by not canceling on yourself to do the laundry or catch up on work.

2. Be open to receiving

Receptivity is the essence of feminine energy, and it is this quality that allows us to live in the flow rather than becoming frustrated. When someone provides you a praise or shows you support, express gratitude by saying, “Thank you!” Also, don’t be hesitant to seek assistance from family, best friends, children, classmates, and experts when needed. Keep in mind that the more you allow yourself to accept, the more you have to offer back to the world.

3. Surround yourself with beauty

Make your personal area a goddess refuge by cleaning away the clutter and including items that are both aesthetically pleasing and uplifting to the spirit. Beautiful plants and fresh flowers, aromatic scents, luxuriant textiles, wind chimes, seashells, crystals, and other Mother Nature-provided presents are all good options to consider. Decorate your walls with artwork and photographs that are uplifting and inspiring. Make every room in your house suited for the glorious goddess that you are and that reflects the beauty that you radiate from inside.

4. Nourish your dreams

It is the same way that we conceive and nourish infants in our wombs that the Goddess method to manifesting our wants is to nurture them when they are still just ideas and daydreams. Our inner vision and direction are strengthened when we cultivate quiet time in order to connect with them. We then act from a position of joy and trust. In doing so, we give birth to our aspirations in divinely inspired ways and at the exact right moment, just like we do with our children.

5. Slow down and relish

In the Goddess’s opinion, multitasking is not a good idea, especially when it comes to appreciating the basic joys of life. Make a conscious effort to be completely present and engage all of your senses in order to appreciate the simple pleasures of life: absorb the aroma of your morning coffee and sip it slowly, allow a piece of chocolate melt in your tongue, stop power walking, and take in the views instead.

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6. Love your body

Aphrodite possessed tiny breasts, a soft stomach, and generous hips, among other characteristics. Artemis, her huntress niece goddess, was lanky and lean in comparison to her. Do you believe they expressed regret about their appearance? No way in hell. They believed in the sacredness of their bodies and used it to reflect the goddess’ gifts, whether it was love or persistence. Accept your own body as a beautiful, holy vessel through which your soul may experience itself, and treat it with the love and care that it deserves to be treated with.

7. Live from your heart

Human beings are innately emotional beings, yet the demands of daily life often prevent us from hearing the voice of our emotions, which is the ultimate source of our pleasure.

Place your hands on your chest and let your consciousness to settle in this holy spot to re-connect with yourself. The continual activity of the intellect will give way to the peaceful clarity of the heart, allowing you to live a life of greater faith and deeper love as a result.

8. Connect with divine energy

Spending time with Mother Earth will allow you to instantly connect with Goddess energy. Walking barefoot on the grass and lying down on the ground are both acceptable. Release all of your worries and concerns to her for healing and transmutation to take place. Allocate time for her to wrap her arms over your shoulders and flood you with maternal love and affection. Doing this on a daily basis can assist you in developing into a powerful and grounded goddess in your own realm.

9. Honor your boundaries

Forget about trying to satisfy everyone, and learn to respect yourself enough to say no to debilitating expectations that sap your energy. Bless and release poisonous relationships and habits while holding on to the teachings and development that have been gained. Maintain your confidence in the power of a genuine no. A goddess is not a superwoman who can do everything; rather, she is a contented woman who accomplishes just what she enjoys and values.

10. Infuse your life with ritual

Goddess traditions, such as those found in this practice, are rich in ritual because they infuse every act with a greater sense of significance and holiness. By transforming your ordinary routines into little rituals, you may bring in more benefits into your life. Starting with your existing sadhana (daily spiritual practice), such as by building a meditation altar where you may light candles, burn incense, listen to music, and present flowers, is a terrific location to start your spiritual journey.

Whenever we learn to be ourselves, the inner Goddess and God come together in divine union, establishing perfect yin-yang balance both within and outside of ourselves.

Check out Gaia’s wonderful information on yoga and meditation for even more insight into how to respect your inner goddess and empower yourself on a daily basis.

About the Author

Syma is a certified yoga teacher, holistic healer, and motivational writer and speaker who is passionate about assisting others in healing and flourishing in all aspects of their lives. She immersed herself in the healing arts in order to overcome many personal traumas, and she used spiritual cures in order to completely change her life. All of her inner work catapulted her to a life beyond her wildest dreams, which included quitting a draining corporate job to follow her calling, marrying her soulmate, and relocating to Thailand with her family. is the company’s website. Read More about Flourishing Lotus on YouTube.

What is Goddess Spirituality?

PEGI EYERS”Gather the Women” embroidery on mixed media by Pegi Eyers”The women’s movement has evolved because the crisis of the eternal world is calling for the rise of the Goddess to restore the balance of nature. All the evidence indicates that the feminine archtype is returning. This is perhaps the most important event of the last 5000 years, and its consequences may well have an immense, unimaginable effect on cultural and ecological evolution.”Jean Houston

As a devotee of Goddess Spirituality and Matriarchal Studies, I have found an ancestral path that fills my soul and gives me great joy.My affinity for the Divine Feminine is the ongoing inspiration for creative work of all kinds, and fires up my experience of the “Sacred” or the “Great Mystery.”In response to those who have been asking“What is Goddess Spirituality?”I hope to share with you the foundation myth and core principles of the most exciting spiritual and cultural movement in history. Goddess Spirituality is currently one of the fastest-growing religions of our time, and with its appealing lack of dogma, is intended to be a highly individualized set of beliefs and practices.With roots in contemporary feminism, Goddess Spirituality is closely linked to Neo-Pagan and Wiccan practice, but Goddess worshippers can be Christian or Buddhist or from any other tradition.If you ask 100 people who practice Goddess Spirituality what it is, you will likely get 100 different answers!However, all agree on the primacy of the energy of the Divine Feminine that manifests in different forms as individual Goddesses all over the world.

Goddess Spirituality’s Foundational Myth

A surprising and wonderful thing happ ened over 40 years ago in the early days of the feminist revolution.Drawing on obscure texts, books like “The First Sex”and “When God Was a Woman”described ancient matriarchal societies that revered the balance of nature and the power of the Divine Feminine in their Goddesses, priestesses and cultural leaders.These peaceful egalitarian societies were eventually overthrown by violent male-dominated warrior-clans that developed into the monotheistic patriarchies we have today, who control the social order by military rule, organized religion and profit-driven economies.Marija Gimbutas’ book “The Civilization of the Goddess”, outlines the archeological record of Old Europe and the history of matriarchal societies, and is considered to be a milestone of feminist scholarly research.This sacred history, or foundation myth, underpins the political and religious tenets of Goddess Spirituality today.

Compared to the patriarchal worldview that has excluded, alienated, and punished women for millennia, these new interpretations of history are enormously liberating, and women all over the globe are rediscovering and developing the language that corresponds to their own experience. Several new versions of woman-centric mythology and histories have been discovered, and more are being discovered all the time! Following 40 years of research, there is now an abundance of academic conferences and publications being released each year, and Matriarchal Studies is now regarded an official part of the academic curriculum at many universities.

Contemporary Practice

“There is no parallel between the Goddess’ symbolism and the symbolism of God the Father in the Bible. The Goddess does not have absolute power over the world. She is the center of the universe. The Divine Feminine is manifest in everyone of us, and she may be understood inwardly by each individual in all of her glorious diversity.” Starhawk It is expected that Goddess Spirituality will continue to flourish as more and more women are drawn to a different vision of the Divine in the future. Practitioners refer to Her as “The One and the Various” because they believe in both the one Goddess and her many incarnations across the earth.

Because each individual identifies with the Goddess(es) who are distinct to her or his own heritage and life experience, the Divine Feminine becomes an individualized path of discovery and inner understanding that includes self-care and regeneration.

Goddess worship, in whatever shape it takes, can be extremely powerful for women!

In Lucy Lippard’s “Overlay,” which I read in the college library that day, the door opened to a NEW version of history – a woman-empowered history and a feminine view of Diety – and a model of feminine POWER.

I’ll never forget that electric moment when I saw ancient matriarchal carvings and Paleolithic goddesses for the first time. AWAITING FOR US WAS SHE – She had been waiting for us the whole time. When I was hugged by the Goddess, she returned the embrace with all of my body, mind, and soul!

Goddess Spirituality as Earth Path

Those on the Goddess Path see themselves as part of the interconnected web of life, and speak of the Earth as the body of the Goddess Herself.Spending time in nature, it becomes abundantly clear that the Divine Presence emanating from and animating the natural world and indeed, the entire universe, is FEMININE – abundant, fertile, yin, cyclic, ever-renewing, forgiving, and above all, loving and nurturing.All things are born and nurtured by a mother – and this love and nurture is the great cosmic principle of all life.It is so obvious, yet our civilization, based on 2000-plus years of patriarchal rule, has tried very hard to conceal this great and beautiful feminine truth.It is time to realign ourselves, men or women, with the Great Mother, to bring the principles of the Divine Feminine back into our lives, to recover what has been lost, and to bring a much-needed balance to the world. For practitioners today, Goddess Spirituality merges spirituality and politics, and makes for a strong involvement in environmental and social justice issues as part of a holistic way of life.

Core Beliefs and Values of Goddess Spirituality

Although the Goddess movement is not universal in its ideas and ideals, there are certain similar views and values: First and foremost, Goddess Spirituality teaches that every life deserves to be revered and revered and that all life is sacred. This is the fundamental idea underlying all indigenous knowledge systems. To have a deep respect for the Goddess and an understanding that the Divine Feminine is the most powerful creative force in the universe. The Earth is the Sacred Mother of All, and she is the source of all life and joy, according to this belief.

  • 4) To recognize that the Goddess appears in a variety of ways throughout the universe, and to place emphasis on the matriarchal ideals of respect and nurture in one’s own life, society, and the natural environment.
  • The importance of a personal contact with the Sacred through prayer, intuition, or ritual creation without the need of mediators or dogma is emphasized.
  • 8) To advocate for fundamental human rights and women’s empowerment across the world, as well as to participate to the effort of liberating all creatures and the Earth from the control of a patriarchal society.
  • The rebirth of the Goddess in our time will provide us with the knowledge, power, bravery, and joy that we so desperately need in order to revive ourselves, our communities, and the whole globe, according to the Goddess.
  • RESOURCES Women of Wisdom: Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women, edited by Kris Steinnes and published by Wise Woman Publishing in 2008.
  • The First Sex, by Elizabeth Gould Davis, was published by Penguin Books in 1971.
  • Marija Gimbutas’s book, The Civilization of the Goddess, was published by HarperCollins in 1991.

The New Press published Lucy Lippard’s Overlay: Contemporary Art and the Art of Prehistory in 1995.

I’m interested in learning more about this teaching method.

set=a.197548753682770.35505.165981380172841 theatrics=1 type 1 The work I conduct with The Great Goddess/Goddess Abundantia and Goddess Venus is one of my favorite parts of my daily Goddess ritual.

It feels empowering and loving, and it has taught me to respect and revere my own Goddess.

Christian 7:03:23 p.m.

– How do males fit into the picture, and to what extent do they do so?

8:52:27 a.m.

Following centuries of male rule, many people, both men and women, find the concept of the “sacred feminine” or “deity as feminine” to be extremely liberating.

Men retain authority in matriarchal communities as brothers and uncles, but they do so in conjunction with mothers and grandparents, and they do so through an egalitarian process in which all voices are heard and no emphasis is put on the capacity to dominate.

IMO A beautiful summation is provided by Germaine Greer in the following phrase, which serves as a signpost for where we may be heading as a society, both women and men together.

And I believe it will be women who will be required to break the power spiral and discover the secret of cooperation.” (According to Germaine Greer) Autumn Windwalker is a fictional character created by author Stephen King.

Men are despised in this perspective.

It has been my professional experience that males are viewed as second-class citizens, that men are held responsible for the faults of the world, and that all masculinity is regarded as “toxic.” In Budapest, when the young guy was just 14 years old, my former high priest was informed by the city’s mayor that his mother should have killed him at birth, and so on.

In Asatru, where my husband comes from, you’ll find a more male-friendly climate; sadly, there’s also a certain level of tribalism and in some cases, racism in the community.

This isn’t true scholarship.

My dissertation was on goddess/pagan religion, which I found fascinating.

And, despite the fact that the previous writer was plainly upset and hence furious, I cannot claim that she was wrong. These issues must be taken into consideration, or else this movement will be short lived. Thank you for writing such an excellent piece.

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Religions and civilizations all across the globe have incorporated aspects of the Sacred Feminine into their practices since antiquity. Goddess spirituality is thriving in many locations and in many ways across the world right now, at the dawn of the twenty-first century. This is true both within modern Paganism and in other global faiths. There are many different methods to connect with The Goddess and/or Goddesses. Here are a few examples. I have outlined six routes of Goddess spirituality in this article, which are based on Goddess courses I have delivered around the United States and in other countries over the course of my career.

  • Please let the information in this review of Goddess routes to serve as a guide for your personal Goddess study and spiritual practice.
  • She is also known as the Great Goddess and the All-Goddess, and she is the embodiment of all Goddess forms, with each Goddess representing a different aspect of Her.
  • Goddess is seen by some as being the same everlasting, all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-creative Divine energy that others refer to as God or Allah, or Great Spirit, and still others refer to as Mother Nature.
  • It is the Goddess’s connection with the creator and creation; with shape and void; with time and timelessness; with life, death, and rebirth that she is known as She-who-is-and-is-not.
  • Specifically, the path of The process of traveling down this path is getting to know and working with a certain Goddess or Goddess aspect.
  • Some believe that a single Goddess is the only manifestation of the Divine that may be worshipped, while others believe that She is the main form of the Divine.
  • Developing an alignment with a specific Goddess today is often the consequence of a tremendous spiritual contact with that Goddess in a dream, vision, or ritual, which occurs for many people on this path.

The Road to Dyadicy Those who follow this path have a special relationship with the Goddess since they are a part of a Divine Pair.

In certain traditions, the Goddess and the God are also known by distinct holy names that are only known to those who have been initiated.

The Goddess is referred to as the Moon Goddess and the God is referred to as the Sun God, while some refer to the Sun Goddess and the Moon God.

There are other holy Dyads among Pagans as well, including those of Divine Mother and Daughter, such as Demeter and Persephone, who are pictured on the cover of this issue, and Divine Mother and Son, such as Isis and Horus, who are depicted on the cover of this issue.

The Triplicity of the Path A Sacred Trinity appears to the Goddess on this journey, representing her as a Sacred Trinity.

A Goddess who has three realms, such as Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of Inspiration, Smithcraft, and Healing, may be used by certain Pagans in their work.

Among the numerous Triplicities found in Pagan faiths are the Three Fates (Rome), the Three Norns (Scandinavia), the Three Graces (Greece), and the Three Mothers (Italy) (Germany).

The Road to Multiplicity This strategy entails working with Goddesses as members of a pantheon, or group of Deities, rather than individually.

Hera was also known as the “Queen of the Heavens.” Some practitioners, on the other hand, may have a pantheon that is multicultural in nature and includes Goddesses from many different eras and locations who have had an impact on them.

The Road to Inclusivity All of these methods and ways of understanding The Goddess and The Goddesses are brought together on one path, which integrates work with them all.

Those who travel this route of pathways are concerned with experiencing and comprehending both Unity and Diversity in their lives. Selena Fox is a famous actress. High Priestess Sanctuary in the Circle

Honoring the Goddess as a Spiritual Path.

There are a variety of reasons why worshiping the Goddess may be the most necessary and profitable spiritual path, particularly in the Western world and at this particular point in time in historical development. First and foremost, what is it that is being honored? For our individualistic thinking, this is an idea that may appear hazy and dogmatic at first. Honoring someone or something involves acknowledging it or paying attention to it. When we do this, we are sending energy to whatever it is that we are paying attention to with our awareness: “energy flows where attention is directed.” However, it is much more than that.

  1. That is the phase when our thoughts get more difficult to comprehend.
  2. What does it mean to be filled with awe and reverence?
  3. It is an experience that we have that leaves us with an overwhelming sensation of appreciation and amazement in our hearts.
  4. Honour and reverence are based on a sense of humility.
  5. As previously said, this isn’t something we can push ourselves into.
  6. It will take some time.
  7. To pay tribute to something or someone, we must take a moment to reflect.

One, because humility is in direct opposition to the Ego’s desires and goals (unless one shows off a false sense of honoring, in this case, check yourself and do it when you are alone and do not tell anyone in order to cultivate this practice for yourself).

It is seen as cultish and weak by mainstream scientism, and as something that only those who are easily misled engage in.

Whether it’s via the movies we watch, the advertisements we see, or the opinions of our friends, etc.

As a result, honoring entails going against the grain, recovering control over our conditioned mind, and attempting to diminish our Ego self.

So, who or what is this Goddess?

Tantra is one of the spiritual groups that believes that everything is made up of a combination of Feminine and Masculine energy.

It is simple to see how we all came to be as a result of a woman and a man entering into a sexual union.

In the feminine, Shakti is the energy that animates and provides life, whereas the masculine is the power that allows Shakti to manifest itself.

This isn’t exactly accurate because the Masculine is actually better described as Consciousness, rather as consciousness.

Please do not become entangled in some intellectual quagmires at this point.

Because the Masculine has been elevated to a position of superiority over the Feminine for more than three millennia.

To make matters worse, the masculine qualities and approaches to spirituality and life are valued to the detriment of the Feminine qualities and approaches: the goal oriented approach to living and achieving, transcending, light focused approach to living and achieving, for example, are encouraged by the capitalistic and individualistic aspects of our society and culture.

As a result, we are suffering from a lack of manifestation of this Feminine potential both within and outside of ourselves.

The world is suffering as a result of our lack of respect for and connection to the Feminine.

We have witnessed emotions being stigmatized, many males being emotionally incompetent, and many women being labeled as insane for their feelings because they do not know how to express them and recognize them as valuable for their own growth as well as their spiritual development.

In this moment, the Feminine path calls us to descend from our mountaintops and emerge from our monasteries in order to practice a spirituality that is rooted in our relationships, in our bodies, in our families, in our emotions, in the darkest expressions of our personalities, and in communion with the Earth.

While Classical Tantra evolved to include worshiping the Goddess in her abstract form through deities and worship rituals, Neo-Tantra provides the most direct path to deconditioning the mind from its limited beliefs and feminine practices in order to connect to this Feminine path, including dynamic, sexual, and sensual meditation with or without a partner, among other practices.

  1. The first is in respecting the mystical and spiritual realms and adoring the Goddess who exists within everyone and everything; whether she manifests herself as a goddess, a piece of nature, a human being or everyone and everything.
  2. To be clear, I do not feel that Tantra is primarily concerned with the Feminine aspect of life.
  3. It encompasses both the heavenly and the profane aspects of our nature, and it aspires to perceive the human experience as a total and undivided whole.
  4. I feel that we are currently in need of a process of identifying and clarifying between the Feminine and the Masculine in our collective awareness.
  5. This is where we are at the moment.
  6. Everyone and everything on the world is suffering as a result of the imbalance between the two energies on the planet, and we, practically all of us, are contributing to this imbalance by reproducing and, as a result, perpetuating it via our actions, thoughts, and speech.
  7. Tantra does not place a strong emphasis on the Feminine.
  8. The Feminine is now under the influence of the shadow.
  9. When it comes to restoring balance, the Feminine must initially take the initiative since she will aid in the direction and re-balancing of the Masculine energy.

When we draw attention to the ways in which the Feminine has been repressed and left unexpressed in ourselves and in our cultures, our Masculine qualities, which allow us to take action and flight for what we believe in, will be reawakened and we will be able to follow the Feminine’s lead in the transformation that is taking place.

Because the Masculine and Feminine function in unison, one cannot change without the other also altering and becoming a vibrational match to the other’s.

By respecting the Goddess and the Feminine aspects of life.

Give thanks for your meals, as well as for the Earth and all of the elements in your environment.

Compassion for yourself and others is essential since everyone is on a spiritual journey.

Consider the male body to be an expression of the Goddess, and develop healthy methods to honor the male body as a sacred vessel.

Consider your sexuality to be holy, and as such, it is worthwhile to devote time to it in a way that is healthy and promotes your spiritual progress, rather than serving your Ego or providing quick fulfillment and satisfaction.

Consider everything to be significant and linked to the holy, to the Divine.

After all is said and done, teach yourself to yield even more.

Recognize that you are being directed along your Spiritual path and surrender to it.

Afterwards, have faith that the Masculine will rise inside you – within everyone and everything – to defend this inner equilibrium and alchemical balance of Life.

No one is, and I am surely not one of them.

We wish to provide future generations a greater grasp of how to appreciate all aspects of creation while also honoring themselves in the process.

Everyone have the ability to influence the collective state of awareness in some way.

As an alternative to contemplating it, send a prayer right now and experience the impact in your heart.

Here’s a prayer for you: “I am the embodiment of the Goddess.” In all my grace and beauty, please accept my invitation.

She teaches me to think more critically and to be more kind.

I pay attention to others as well as to myself.

Their Bliss is a source of nourishment for my Soul.

Nature and Life have my complete submission.

“And that is the case.” Thank you for taking the time to read this. Keep in mind that every time you bless the Goddess, she reciprocates by showering you with Her vitality. I respect both the Light and the Darkness that exist inside you. Namaste.

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