What Fo Patterns Mean In Spirituality?

What is the significance of patterns and principles in the Bible?

  • This passage stresses the importance of patterns and principles. God established specific patterns for the nation of Israel to follow which included spiritual patterns of conduct as well as material patterns for their places of worship. But Israel set up their own patterns.


Why do I see patterns?

Whether it’s 11:11, 222, or 555, repeating sequences of numbers are known as “master numbers” in numerology, and seeing them over and over is a sign to pay attention to your mind, body, and soul. “People usually see 111 or 11:11 most when they are just beginning their spiritual journey,” Wolfe says.

What is a sacred pattern?

Sacred geometric patterns exist all around us – they are the perfect shapes and patterns that form the fundamental templates for life in the universe. But sacred shapes also represent the intangible, mystical elements of life.

What do number patterns mean?

Number pattern is a pattern or sequence in a series of numbers. This pattern generally establishes a common relationship between all numbers. For example: 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, Here, we get the numbers in the pattern by skip counting by 5.

What does 444 mean spiritually?

444 is a sign that one should keep faith and that the angels are watching over one. They have taken it on themselves to guide one to a brighter future. If one sees this number, especially if it recurs, it is an indication that one should give up all doubts on issues related to ambitions and act decisively.

How do humans recognize patterns?

Pattern recognition requires repetition of experience. Semantic memory, which is used implicitly and subconsciously is the main type of memory involved with recognition. The development of neural networks in the outer layer of the brain in humans has allowed for better processing of visual and auditory patterns.

Why do we need patterns in life?

Patterns provide a sense of order in what might otherwise appear chaotic. Researchers have found that understanding and being able to identify recurring patterns allow us to make educated guesses, assumptions, and hypothesis; it helps us develop important skills of critical thinking and logic.

What do geometric patterns represent?

Geometric shapes The shapes with straight lines and angles usually symbolise structure and order, while the shapes with curves are softer and represent connection and community.

What is the Flower of Life symbol?

The Flower Of Life symbol is one of the most fascinating, well known, and recognized geometric symbols within the magical world of Sacred Geometry. This special symbol represents the cycle of life. It’s believed that within this symbol, holds the most meaningful and sacred patterns of our universe as a whole.

What is the seed of life?

The Seed of Life is a symbol for the seven days of creation. The Seed of Life is a symbol of blessing and protection passed through generations; it contains the secret of the seven days of the creation. It is a common ornament for fertility for women during pregnancy or trying to Conceive.

What are examples of patterns?

Natural patterns include symmetries, trees, spirals, meanders, waves, foams, tessellations, cracks and stripes.

How do you describe a pattern?

A pattern is a regularity in the world, in human-made design, or in abstract ideas. As such, the elements of a pattern repeat in a predictable manner. A geometric pattern is a kind of pattern formed of geometric shapes and typically repeated like a wallpaper design.

How do you identify a pattern?

Describing Visual Patterns

  1. changes in color.
  2. rotation.
  3. vertical or horizontal translation.
  4. changes in shape.
  5. changes in size.

What does 888 mean?

THE MEANING BEHIND 888 Angel number 888 carries the vibration of your hard work paying off, moving forward, and so much abundance in all ways… especially when it comes to finances. You can expect a windfall of financial prosperity, accumulation of wealth, and basically winning at life!

What does 777 mean spiritually?

Highly spiritual Angle Number 777 is the Sign of getting Divine Guidance. That indicates Its time to get rewards for your efforts. Angel numbers can mean different things. However, if you are seeing the angel number often and often then you should be happy. That is because the angel number means only positive things.

What does it mean when you see 1111?

Seeing 1111 as a recurring number when thinking of someone is not uncommon. It is a kind of wake-up call from the guardian angels that someone needs your attention. In numerology, the angel number 1111 is often interpreted as a sign from the universe that you are being guided to focus on this person in some way.

Sacred Geometry Explained – What is the Meaning Behind the Patterns?

Sacred geometric patterns may be seen everywhere around us, and they are responsible for the creation of the essential structure and templates of life across the cosmos. A language of mathematics may be deduced from the patterns, and this language governs the totality of our visible and unseen worlds. It is via the geometrical archetypes that the nature of each shape and its vibrational resonance may be revealed, signifying the inseparable relationship between everything and everyone, which eventually makes up our whole matrix and the entire universe, embodying oneness.

With the help of health practitioner Michelle Harris, we were able to explore some of the beautiful patterns and get some insight into their significance.

According to several traditions, Sacred Geometry is the blueprint for creation as well as the genesis, or the point of origin of all form.

It also exposes the precise method in which the energy of creation arranges itself.

  • Geometriccodes are used to construct the molecules of our DNA, the cornea of our eye, snowflakes, flower petals, crystals, a shell, the stars, the galaxy we spiral inside, the oxygen we breathe, and all other forms of life.
  • In addition, see Wellness Trends for 2022.
  • The act of studying and contemplating holy geometric shapes/codes has the potential to disclose deep wisdom, allowing them to become more open to life and the creation of the entire Universe.
  • We might infer from this that the ancients felt that the experience of Sacred Geometry was necessary for one’s soul’s development and education.
  • Sacred geometry strengthens our connection to the divine and promotes harmony both inside ourselves and between ourselves and the rest of the world, according to its practitioners.
  • It is also believed that we have a “LightbodyMerkabah,” which is a gridwork of light and sacred geometry that connects your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves.
  • In addition to connecting you to the limitless cosmos, this body emits light energy and connects you to yourself as a multidimensional self as well.

The symbols function as codes that guide you through your life’s journey, but they may also be employed more deliberately to bring about profound soul awakening and connection to our real divine nature.

When employed properly, it may be used to open paths and portals to the endless realms, as well as to establish a connection with the oneness of all life, whether in nature or throughout the whole planet.

It links the inner and outside worlds, bringing them all together.

The triangle, on the other hand, is a symbol that underpins them all.

It takes us to a higher level of consciousness by rising upwards.


Here are several forms, as well as their meanings/intentions and how they might be of use to us.

The triangle, on the other hand, is a symbol that underpins them all.

It takes us to a higher level of consciousness by rising upwards.

It is stated that God’s initial idea is symbolized by a circle, which existing only in its own right (and then made a duplicate of itself).

The base of a pyramid (which is responsible for creating balance and stability).

It is said that “as above, so below” ties heaven and earth.

The galaxies are encircled by spirals of energy.

The spiral represents the kundalini, which is a symbol of raising one’s consciousness on the path of spiritual evolution, which is represented by the spiral.

The spiral form of DNA in each cell is represented by the spiral shape of a double helix.


It is regarded as a holy symbol across the world, and it is thought to contain within it the “blue print of creation,” as well as the “building blocks” of the cosmos, which we refer to as the “Platonic Solids.” These are templates that may be used to represent the fundamental principles of existence.

  • Today, we know that there are no perfect 3D forms.
  • However, if you break down these Platonic Solids into their most basic forms, you will find that they constitute the triangle, square, circle, spiral, and straight line among other shapes.
  • The number 3 (representing the three sides of each triangle) and the number 4 (representing the number of humans) are represented by the pyramid (4 sides of the square).
  • The Pyramid of Giza in Egypt was constructed in order to generate energy that would allow people to communicate with the spiritual worlds.
  • It was believed that the pyramids were utilized for initiations and transported people to ‘other realms.’ It was through the usage of these objects that the initiates went through a type of death and were reincarnated or ‘changed’.
  • MERKABAH is an Arabic word that means “merchant” (INTERLOCKING TRIANGLES) The Merkabah is comprised of all sacred symbols.
  • What is the procedure for gaining access to them?


This was many years ago.

As we have seen, sacred geometric forms help us to reconnect with our real nature, to connect more deeply with the inner self, and to harmonize with the outside world.

A distinct energy frequency and goal, as well as a specific sense of energy, are associated with each geometric form.

Check out this article: Entheogen Plant Medicine: A Beginner’s Guide.

The symbols are like a’super-charged’ concentrated intention for healing or whatever the symbol is being utilized for at the time of its creation.

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Alternatively, you may sit and meditate while staring at these grids, and feel the results of doing so.

To feel more grounded, build a square grid using grounding stones and place it on your floor (like hematite).

SOME CRYSTAL GRIDS THAT MAKE USE OF THE HOLY GEOMETRIC SHAPES AND HOW THEY MAKE YOU FEEL The circle grid represents a sense of security, limits, and a sense of being safe and protected.

Triangular grid– This grid enables the individual to move upwards to “higher awareness.” Elevates your energy to a higher level.

Grid with the Star of David– this grid activates the Merkabah and is a very effective grid.

I would only use this under the supervision of someone who is knowledgeable on how to utilize it.

In and of themselves, crystals are capable of transmitting holy geometric codes, and when held or applied to the body/chakras, their energy vibrations have the ability to promote healing and re-balancing on all levels.

You can also connect to sacred geometric forms at any time of day or night – not just when sitting in meditation.

This is a wonderful reminder of the interconnectedness of everything in life — people, objects, nature, and everything else.

meditation: In a spiral form, you may dance, move, or walk around.


A mandala is a pattern that is composed of symbols and shapes that are arranged within a circle.

Featured image courtesy of Gordon Johnson Mandala is a Sanskrit word that literally translates as ‘circle.’ Mandalas may be used for a variety of purposes and to represent a variety of diverse goals.

A variety of uses include using it as a meditation and mindfulness technique to promote emotions of inner peace and tranquility, as well as to reduce stress and anxiety, among others.

It has the potential to be both inspirational and soothing.

Michelle Harris is also the inventor of the draco dragon healing symbols system.

Individuals benefit from the healing symbols on a variety of levels, ranging from physical complaints to emotional healing, mental health and relationships to past trauma and development of intuition, stress release, soul/spiritual connection, and planetary and universal level alignments.

Michelle also offers her well-known life and soul empowerment programs to help people find balance and well-being in their lives. michelleharrisinternational.com See also: DNA Testing Can Help You Take Control of Your Health

The Spiritual Meaning Of Shapes: A Glimpse Into Sacred Geometry + How To Use It

The goods on this page have been selected by our editors based on their own research. We may receive a small compensation if you purchase anything that has been referenced in this article. Sacred geometry is an essential part of our understanding of the world we live in and the natural principles that govern it, and learning the foundations can help us do just that. What this spiritual concept is all about, as well as how you might incorporate it into your own life, are detailed below. Sacred geometry is, at its core, the study of the spiritual significance of diverse geometric forms.

Sacred geometry may be found in a variety of forms, including the spiral of a snail’s shell, the fascinating pattern of a single snowflake, and the branches of a tree.

The concept that the cosmos is governed by a complex mathematical equation may be traced back to ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian societies.

In the words of Jemma Foster, author of Sacred Geometry: How To Use Cosmic Patterns To Power Up Your Life, “Rooted in its essence is the concept that nothing exists in isolation; everything is related.”

How to use sacred geometry to your benefit.

Sacred geometry is a religious doctrine that holds that everything is interconnected. Moreover, merely seeing how those patterns manifest themselves in our life may be quite comfortable. According to Emma Mildon, author of The Soul Searcher’s Handbook, “sacred geometry is all about this sense of natural alignment,” as she explains to mbg. You may also engage with sacred geometry talismans and symbols to more actively incorporate this idea into your life. “Different patterns derived from sacred geometry serve as focus points for meditative states, such as mandalas and Sri Yantras,” Mildon explains.

Common shapes and their meanings:

Everything is related, according to the principles of sacred geometry. Moreover, merely observing how those patterns play out in our life may be really comfortable. According to Emma Mildon, author of The Soul Searcher’s Handbook, “sacred geometry is all about a sense of natural alignment,” as she explains to the mbg. “Different patterns derived from sacred geometry give focus areas for contemplative states, such as mandalas and Sri Yantras,” Mildon continues. “To more actively bring this concept into your life, you may work with sacred geometry talismans and symbols.” The wearing of sacred geometric symbols as jewelry or the arrangement of crystals in geometric patterns on a crystal grid can also help to trigger these states (here’s a video to lead you through the process).

Sacred geometry in nature.

Take a walk in the woods if you want to observe sacred geometry in action right in front of your eyes. “Natural patterns may be seen everywhere,” Mildon asserts. “Take a look at the sunflower’s seed in the center. A snowflake, to be precise. You are paying attention to, feeling, or responding to repeated vibrations and patterns of energy in your environment.” As Foster points out, the living spiral of a nautilus shell or the horn of a sheep, the interlocking hexagons of a beehive, the underground formation of crystals, the spin of a spider’s web, and the formations of migrating birds are all examples of designs and patterns that are much more than just aesthetically pleasing to the human eye.

“Their beauty serves a practical purpose,” she observes.

Sacred geometry in music.

Sacred geometry can not only be seen in nature, but it can also be heard there as well. When certain notes are blended together in music, the result is harmonic, yet the incorrect note may swiftly change a chord into cacophony. There’s a reason for this. What humans perceive as sounds are actually vibrations, and those vibrations may be quantified using mathematical methods. It is intriguing to see how musical vibration may have an effect on our body, as demonstrated by studies into sound healing and sound baths.

3 sacred geometry practices to try.

Aside from being seen in nature, holy geometry may also be heard there. When certain notes are blended together in music, the result is harmonic, yet the incorrect note may swiftly change a chord into chaos. We are hearing vibrations, and those vibrations can be quantified quantitatively, which explains why we can hear them at all. It is intriguing to see how musical vibration may alter our body, as demonstrated by the study on sound healing and sound baths. Whether we listen to rapid tempos and get fired up, or slow hypnotic tones and feel instantly calmed, we can all relate to this phenomenon on an unconscious level.

  1. Sacred geometry can not only be seen in nature, but it can also be heard there. When certain notes are blended together in music, the result is harmonious, whereas the wrong note can quickly turn a chord into cacophony. What we perceive as sound is actually vibrations, and those vibrations can be quantified mathematically. Exciting new study into sound healing and sound baths illustrates how the vibrations of music may have an effect on our bodies’ biochemistry. This is something we all experience on some level when we listen to fast tempos and feel revved up, or when we listen to slow, hypnotic tones and feel instantly calmer.

Do a Sri Yantra Gaze Meditation:

  1. Place a Sri Yantra at eye level in a calm, comfortable, and undisturbed area where you may sit quietly and comfortably
  2. Concentrate your attention on the middle of the Sri Yantra. Allow your eyes to relax a little and allow the energy symbol to lead you where it wants

Do a Pyramid Power Meditation:

  1. Sit cross-legged with a hand resting on each knee, allowing your body to make a pyramid shape with your legs and arms. Set your intention to be in this position
  2. Take six deep breaths in with your nose, pulling the breath down your spine and up into your solar plexus and heart, then out through your mouth
  3. Draw a square on the ground in your mind’s eye to represent the area around you. This will serve as the foundation of your pyramid. You should also recognise the four cardinal points, which are the north, south, east, and west
  4. As well as the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Set the intention that this square symbolizes your physical reality’s anchor, and that it will serve to ground the higher frequencies that you are drawing in. Allow yourself to take a deep breath and see yourself drawing four triangles up from the base of the square to finish the pyramid. Draw a line from each corner of the square to just over the top of your head to accomplish this. As previously, take another six breaths to reach the pinnacle where these points come together, which depicts the ether. Visualize a path of white light pouring through the tip of the pyramid and into the place that you have created. Keep in mind that you are composed of light. Once you experience the alignment and expansion of this activation, envision a circle within a square in your mind’s eye. To begin, spin it counterclockwise to release any stagnant or blocked energy, then clockwise to charge your energy centers. Visualize a purifying flame in front of you to assist you in the spinning process. Create a pile of everything that you wish to let go of and throw it all in the fire to burn it all down. Take pleasure in the freedom that comes with letting go
  5. Now let the fire of inspiration and passion to ignite this area. Call to mind any creative endeavors that you would like to direct this energy into.

Sacred geometry may be found on both a macro and micro scale, in everything from our cells to the sky, and in everything from nature to music, to name a few examples. And, if we grasp how it works, we can put it to good use for ourselves. The spiritual teacher Dr. Foster explains that “when we exist in accordance with these divine principles, we are in an abundant condition of receptivity—we become energetic architects and powerful co-creators of our reality.” Do you want to transform your interest in health and wellness into a rewarding career?

More information may be found here.

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These Ancient Geometrical Patterns Shape How We See the World Today

Michaela Pointon’s Sacred Geometry | Culture Trip | Sacred Geometry Sacred geometric patterns can be seen all around us — they are the ideal forms and patterns that serve as the fundamental blueprints for life in the cosmos, and they can be found in everything. Design patterns, ranging from the Fibonacci sequence to the Golden Ratio, may be broken down into a language of numbers (mathematics) that governs our whole visible and unseen environment. The spiritual significance of these geometric patterns and symbols, on the other hand, remains a mystery.

  1. Sacred geometry has long been invoked in the work of artists, singers, and thinkers, dating back to the time of Da Vinci and Pythagoras and beyond.
  2. Everything from a small pine cone to a snail shell to the human body to the Great Pyramids of Giza, for example, has the holy spiral (fibonacci sequence), which is a mathematical pattern.
  3. Sacred forms, on the other hand, depict the ethereal and mysterious aspects of existence.
  4. Is there a connection between sacred geometry and something deeper within our collective consciousness?
  5. Is it possible that our brains are just programmed to identify patterns in nature?
  6. Symbols have a lot of influence.
  7. Michaela Pointon’s “The Flower of Life” is a cultural excursion.

Because the sign is composed of equally spaced, overlapping circles (with six fold symmetry, similar to the shape of a hexagon), some consider it to be a divine, visual manifestation of the concepts of life, awareness, and creation.

In addition to the Temple of Osiris in Abydos, Egypt, and Beijing, China, the Symbol has been discovered in a number of other sacred locations across the world including The Forbidden City.

The polygon forms are said to represent the feminine, and some think it to be a sign of the act of making something new (7 circles, 7 days, 7chakras,7 musical notes).

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Michaela Pointon’s Hamsa|Cultural Exploration The Hamsa sign, which is most often found in the Middle East and Africa, is supposed to represent the Hand of God, and it is believed to provide good luck and protection to those who wear it.

The eye in the middle of the hand is thought to protect the bearer from evil.

This geometric sign is at the heart of the mystical Kabbalah tradition, but it also appeared in Ancient Egypt more than 3,000 years ago, according to archaeological evidence.

It is even built in this precise design on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to give you an idea of how widespread this is.

Michaela Pointon’s Vesica Pisces|Cultural Exploration The three circles that make up the Piscis Eye Trinity are also a part of the Vesica Pisces symbol, which is represented by the Vesica Pisces sign.

The Piscis Eye Trinity, which is revered in numerous Neopagan and Goddess traditions, is a strong, ancient symbol that portrays the holy trinity as well as the all-seeing eye, and it has been around for thousands of years.

Metatron’s Cube is a potent symbol that contains the five Platonic solids, or the five elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Aether), and it is thought to have significant healing abilities when meditated upon or visualized.

(Do you recall the Venn Diagram?) However, the spiritual geometric symbolism that underpins it is considerably distinct from just comparing and contrasting objects and patterns.

The fish (whose name literally translates from Latin as “fish bladder”) at the middle of the Vesica Pisces sign represents Jesus Christ, who was embraced and revered by early Christians as a symbol of their Savior.

The Tibetan Knot, also known as the “Knot of Eternity,” is a powerful symbol in Tibetan Buddhism that signifies eternity, completeness, and the interconnectedness of all life.

A variant of this ancient sign, which is considered one of the “Eight Auspicious Symbols” in Buddhism, may also be found in other civilizations, such as the Celtic Knot.

When used as a Buddhist symbol, it also depicts Shiva’s Third Eye, and the spiraling lines indicate the tumultuous journey it must travel in order to attain truth and equilibrium.

It is associated with emotional, sexual, and creative forces, among other things.

The Sri Yantra sign, which consists of nine interlocking triangles, is a mystical emblem linked with Hinduism that is often depicted.

The five-pointed star, also known as the Pentagram, has been around for thousands of years and may be found in a variety of cultures and faiths, but it is most generally linked with Wicca today.

Michaela Pointon’s Hexagram|Cultural Trip/ Michaela Pointon In religious traditions for ages, the six-pointed star, also known as the Star of David, has been utilized, dating all the way back to King Solomon in the Old Testament.

With the ability to fit inside a complete circle and being related with the heart chakra, the hexagram is commonly used to represent the ideal meditative state in Hinduism and magical rituals in occult activities.

Patterns of the Spiritual Life

According to Jessica Ptomey, the analogies between her knitting pastime and the disciplines required in the spiritual life are strikingly similar. Knitting is a recreational activity for me. I’m now working on a shawl, which is by far the most difficult item I’ve ever attempted to make so far. It’s not too tough, but it does need several stitches that I had never used before. I’ve had to be really meticulous in following the pattern. In spite of this, I made the mistake of not paying attention one day and knitted half of a row backwards.

  • I had to tear out three or four rows before I realized I had made a mistake, which was entirely due to a lack of concentration at the time of the mistake.
  • However, after a period of time spent paying great attention to the pattern, the sequence of stitches began to become intuitively evident to me after some practice.
  • I’m still paying close attention to the pattern as I make my way through each row (as anyone who has made a mistake knitting or sewing knows how discouraging it is to rip out your work and start over).
  • As I was pondering on all of this with my knitting needles in hand this morning, I began to see parallels between it and the spiritual life, notably in terms of patterns of habits, behaviors, and spiritual disciplines, which I thought were interesting.
  • I don’t know about you, but I’ve become quite adept at forecasting how my day will unfold when I’ve been deprived of sleep.

Whenever I skip a few days of my customary time for the Rosary in a row, miss Adoration for a week, or wait too late to examine my conscience at night and find myself unable to keep my eyes open, I can tell that my spiritual intuition and sensitivity to the voice of the Holy Spirit are not in sync.

  • In the long run, it won’t be as visible if I miss a stitch now and again, and little mistakes are simpler to rectify if you spot them early on.
  • And then it’s time to tear out all of the stitches and start from the beginning.
  • When you knit, each row serves as a building block for the next one.
  • The same may be said about one’s spiritual life.
  • If we ignore the spiritual rhythms of life, the tapestry of our lives will take on a radically different shape over time; we may find ourselves in a period of spiritual repair for a lengthy period of time to restore the damage that we have done since getting off track.
  • Putting God first becomes increasingly difficult when we begin to place Him second.
  • If we cease praying, we will have a harder time hearing His voice.
  • Just as each stitch serves as a building block for the next, each spiritual act develops our desire for good, returns our intellect to truth, and grounds our spirits in the hope of God’s promises.

Copyright in the year 2020 Jessica Ptomey is a model and actress. Image courtesy of Pavil Danilyuk (2020), Pixels.

Spiritual Awakening Signs & Symptoms

A spiritual awakening is prompted by a significant event in one’s own life. It might be anything from the death of a loved one to engaging in spiritual development events/workshops to visiting sacred sites; each and every spiritual awakening experience is absolutely different, unique, and particular to the individual. For me, it was after attending a psychic development class that I had a spiritual awakening. I feel that my spiritual awakening occurred because it occurred at the appropriate time in my life for me to begin performing my soul’s mission.

I hope that what I have to say might help you to feel less alone in your struggles.

Here are the spiritual awakening signssymptoms:

The complicated holy geometry and ancient symbols that I saw in my mind’s eye and with my physical eyes were reproduced again and over again. One of the symbols I saw was a spiral, which is the earliest sign known to have been employed in spiritual activities. It represents the global pattern of development and evolution and is the oldest symbol still in use today.

2. Heighten sensory perception

All of my human senses were heightened as a result of this experience. I was aware of things without being able to explain how I was aware of them. I have the ability to hear sounds that no one else can hear. I’m feeling a chilly air around my head, as well as tingling sensations throughout my body. When no one else is in the room, I notice strong odors coming from somewhere. I can see light, pictures, patterns, and people in my mind’s eye, as well as objects. Check out this post on 5 simple strategies to improve your intuition.

3. Physical body changes

Within a week of experiencing spiritual awakening, my body began to lose weight swiftly. I noticed that I could see more clearly with my right eye, that the loudness in my right ear had decreased, and that I periodically experienced heart palpitations.

4. Seeing number patterns

Everywhere I looked, the numerals 111, 1111, 333, 444, 222, and so on could be seen. I noticed the numbers on clocks, kitchen appliances, signposts, and doors, among other things, More information about angel numbers may be found here.

5. Increased synchronicity

I noticed an increase in the frequency of synchronicities. The cosmos like to communicate with us through repetition. They employ people, symbols, numbers, music, and objects to communicate a message that may be repeated several times in order for you to pay attention.

6. Changes to sleep patterns

I wake up numerous times during the night between the hours of 2.00 and 4.00 a.m. I have trouble sleeping. When no one is literally present in the room, I can hear whispers or hear noises, and I can smell and smell when no one is physically there in the room.

I can occasionally detect the aroma of perfume, flowers, or food; these scents are said to have originated in the spirit realm and are utilized to alert us to the presence of spirits in our midst. A distinctive aroma has been linked to the memory of a person who has died away.

7. Hearing high-pitched sounds

High-pitched sounds and voices can be heard in my right ear at any time of day or night, and they can be heard in either ear.

8. Lucid and Vivid Dreams

Every now and again, I experience a profound dream in which I acquire wisdom, information, and guidance.

9. Messages from higher beings

Ascended masters and angels communicate with me through messages from my higher self, guides and loved ones. They communicate by using one or more of the six senses that we humans have.

10. Changes in appetite and eating habits

I suddenly felt a strong urge to remove or minimize my intake of certain foods and beverages that my body no longer required.

11. Can’t be around anything extremely negative

It has an influence on my energies since I am extremely sensitive to bad energy. I’ve given up watching the news and reading newspapers, and I’ve tried to restrict the amount of time I spend with negative individuals.

12. Desire to discover your soul purpose

By relying on my intuition, I was able to uncover my life purpose and soul mission.

13. Emotionally Sensitive

It is common for me to experience spells of inexplicable despair or chronic worry, as well as abrupt waves of emotion such as sadness, excitement, frustration, and other emotions.

14. Feeling ungrounded

At times, I get dizziness, disorientation, or overwhelming feelings. This is the physical body’s natural response to the high levels of energy that are passing through it. Due to the fact that your physical body does not have adequate ability to hold the energy that is being absorbed, it must be released.

15. Want to learn more about spirituality and metaphysics

I have a strong desire to learn more about myself and to realize my full potential. I practice and study meditation, spirituality, psychic development (including mediumship), spiritual healing (including energy healing), and personal growth.

16. Feeling you don’t belong in this physical reality

I feel a strong urge to return home and reconnect with my spiritual self from time to time. Please let me know what you think of this. If you have experienced any other indications or symptoms of a spiritual awakening, please share them with us. Leave a remark in the section below.

The Importance of Observing Patterns in Everyday Life – A Primer on Sacred Geometry

Euclidean geometry is a mathematical theory credited to the Alexandrian Greek mathematician Euclid, which he outlined in his textbook on geometry, the Elements, which most of us learned in school. Assuming just a limited set of intuitively acceptable axioms, Euclid proceeds to deduce a large number of additional propositions (theorems) from these axioms, as seen in Figure 1. It was unnecessary to use the adjective “Euclidean” for almost two thousand years because there had been no other type of geometry developed at the time.

  1. The geometry of Euclid is just two-dimensional.
  2. To be clear, this is assuming you believe the planet is flat.
  3. These demonstrations of mathematical and geometric constants provide more evidence that certain proportions are woven into the very fabric of nature itself.
  4. They, as well as everything else in our environment, are the result of a delicate balance between chaos and order.
  5. Natural creatures exhibit the same shapes and forms as man-made structures.
  6. Ancient societies, such as Christians, Hindus, Greeks, and Egyptians, realized that certain patterns or geometric forms recurred throughout nature, and they were not alone in this recognition.
  7. Sacred geometry is a term that refers to the patterns and shapes that are seen in nature.
  8. This notion is supported by modern science.
  9. It is the study of the ways in which forms and patterns are repeated throughout nature, including the mental and spiritual realms, that is known as sacred geometry.
  10. According to holy geometry, every discipline and every mode of knowledge may be demonstrated to have an association with one another (such as chemistry, physics, architecture, music, and even one’s own emotional states).
  11. The understanding of these religious symbols and mathematical formulae enabled the creation of numerous ancient structures, such as the huge pyramids of Egypt, the Parthenon in Athens, and the elaborate temples found across South and Central America and the Caribbean.

Consider instead a few fundamental principles that will ease us into some of the more complex notions; theFlower of Life and Metatron’s Cube are two such examples.

The Flower of Life

In geometry, a flower of life is a geometrical object made of many evenly-spaced, overlapping circles that are organized in a flower-like pattern with six fold symmetry in the same way that the hexagon has six fold symmetry. Philosophers, builders, and artists from all around the world have been aware of the FOL’s perfect shape, proportion, and harmony for centuries. Pagans consider it to be holy geometry, which they believe contains ancient religious significance and depicts the underlying structures of space and time in its most basic forms.

  • It is also considered to be a visual representation of the ties of life that flow through all sentient creatures.
  • The Flower of Life is the source of unique beliefs and forms of meditation for people all over the world, and the Flower of Life is a central figure in many of these beliefs and types of meditation.
  • Symbols of the cross can be found in scriptures, temples, and works of art from cultures all over the world.
  • It is believed to have been built thousands of years ago.
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Although the structure was constructed lower than any other structure and with different architectural elements, it has been argued that it may have been built by a more evolved civilisation that existed before to the Egyptians, owing to the fact that it was erected lower than any other structure.

Two blossoms of life, each 3 cm in diameter and engraved into a granite wall, may be found deep within the construction.


Is everything some sort of unsolved mystery?

Metatron’s Cube

An example of a two-dimensional geometric shape, Metatron’s Cube is constructed from a set of thirteen identical circles, with lines extending out from the centers of each circle and connecting them to the centers of the other twelve circles. It is composed of six circles that are positioned in a hexagonal configuration around the center circle, with an additional six circles extending out along the same radial lines as the first six circles. Metatron’s Cube and the Flower of Life have a 2-D resonance that is similar to each other.

  • Apocryphal literature such as the Second Book of Enoch and the Book of the Palaces make mention of an angel by the name of Metatron, who appears in the title of the game.
  • There are additionally six more circles that stretch out along the same radial lines as the first six.
  • The Flower of Life is similarly made up of 13 concentric rings.
  • As a holy symbol, Metatron’s cube was frequently drawn around an item or person to ward off demons and evil forces.
  • Speculation over the significance of Metatron’s cube emblem has raged on for quite some time.
  • Metatron’s cube, according to one of these conceptions, is a vehicle through which God may impart knowledge to human people.
  • Metatron’s cube is thought to have originated from the tree of life, according to legend.

It would therefore be required for people to study Metatron’s cube in order for God to impart information to them, especially concerning the tree of life, in order for God to pass on wisdom to them.

Metatron’s cube is also known as a sacred glyph.

Some experts believe that the 13 circles symbolize the archangels, which would explain why there are 13 of them.

They are said to have the ability to restore equilibrium to the planet.

Several sources claim that there are thirteen energy centers of experience.

It is also considered sacred because it signifies the 13 sacred keys of creation, which reflect the number 13.

Each of the circles represents one of the divine rules of creation, with each circle representing a different law. The secrets to both development and divine spiritual enlightenment, according to one understanding, are contained inside these 13 keys.

Does this really matter?

Geometric forms are considered intriguing but not especially practical by the majority of people in our culture, unless they are mathematicians, architects, or engineers, for example. However, the evidence indicates differently, and this evidence has been known for thousands of years and has been found in practically every religious and cultural tradition on the planet, including Islam. Even in contemporary culture, when sacred geometry is either neglected or despised, these mathematical frameworks are essential to our knowledge of ourselves and all areas of manifestation, including the physical, mental, and spiritual parts of our being.

  • These structures represent, using the abstract symbolism of geometry, the points at which the “universes” of the left and right hemispheres of the brain come together.
  • Our understanding of ourselves requires an understanding of the cosmic patterns that underpin our globe and its inhabitants.
  • The way we treat people, in turn, has an impact on how they feel.
  • We get a better understanding of this cycle, which allows us to more intelligently handle the energy whirling about us in our surroundings, which, if not managed properly, might cause conflict.
  • On the route to peace is conflict resolution, and conflict resolution is best done in an atmosphere of freedom where individuals comprehend living processes and figure out their own answers rather than imposing or being forced on them.
  • It’s a world where people use their entire intellect to solve problems.

Spiritual Number Sequences Explained

Have you ever been perplexed as to why certain number sequences keep popping up in your life? For example, you may have gotten into the habit of waking up at 3:33 a.m. or 4:44 a.m. on a regular basis, for no apparent reason. It appears to be strange, doesn’t it? If you are witnessing the phenomena of number sequences appearing everywhere you go, please know that you are not alone in your experience of this phenomenon. Additionally, seeing recurring numbers is not limited to only your clocks and watches; it may occur anywhere.

This is something that many of us are experiencing, and there is nothing to be concerned about. For lack of a better phrase, it can be described as “the calling card of the Higher Realms.” When I initially started writing this post, I took a look at the time on the clock.

What the Angels Say About What the Numbers Mean

Isn’t it strange how some numbers appear over and over again throughout the course of a day? For example, you may have gotten into the habit of waking up at 3:33 a.m. or 4:44 a.m. on a regular basis in the morning. Doesn’t it appear to be odd? If you are experiencing the phenomenon of number sequences appearing everywhere you go, please know that you are not alone in your experience of it. Aside from that, the appearance of recurring numerals is not limited to clocks and watches. Those same numerals will catch your eye on price tags, sales receipts, bills, caller ID, car plates, and billboards, among other things.

It serves as the calling card of the Higher Realms, to put it succinctly.

111 – Manifestation

When you see the number 111, it indicates that you are in a position to effect change in your life. Make certain that your ideas are really optimistic.

222 – Shine Your Light

Seeing the number 222 represents the qualities of sticking out, forging forward, personal luck, empowerment, and charismatic leadership. This number represents the universe’s message that “you can shine your Light in a way that is uniquely yours.” It also serves as a reminder to maintain your personal strength, even if others feel uncomfortable or resentful of how brightly you shine or are capable of shining in the eyes of the world. This number encourages you to leave your impact on the world, whether in your professional or personal life.

Everything is going to be OK in the end.

333 – Blessing

The number 333 represents Christ Consciousness. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid about. This is a sign that you are being blessed and that the high holy beings are directly overseeing your life or something that is happening in your life right now.

444 – Angels Are with You

The angels have a particular fondness for this particular number. And if you happen to witness it, you may be assured that you are in the presence of angels. The number 444 denotes wealth and abundance in the heavenly realm, according to numerology.

555 – A Time of Advancement

The number 555 represents the ability to bring about good change and forward development.

666 – Reminder to Regain Your Balance

Despite the negative connotations associated with this number, it conveys a vital message. When it is viewed frequently, it serves as a reminder to recover your equilibrium. It’s possible that you’re experiencing recurrent negative thinking patterns that are interfering with your sleep. This number encourages you to get the assistance you require in order to calm your mind and care for your body. It also serves as a reminder to maintain your moral character and do the right thing even when no one is looking or listening.

Maintain an open mind to people who care about you as well as those with whom you are having difficulties.

Don’t forget to make compassionate decisions and to stay loyal to your enlightened, loving spirit by performing good deeds in the world and by being kind and kind to others as well as to yourself.

777 – Signals the Teacher or Student

The number 777 is extremely spiritual in nature, and it represents the teaching or learning of a more spiritually conscious way of thinking and being.

888 – DNA Upgrade

The angels have informed me that the number 888 is not frequently observed. This is due to the fact that it is what the angels refer to as a genuine “download” or “code” number. When seen frequently, it indicates that the Higher Realms are attempting to activate a switch in your DNA that will allow you to cross the gaps between dimensions, slow down the aging process, and gain more esoteric knowledge and understanding. This is a number with a strong shamanic vibe to it. Overall, the number 888 may be used to jumpstart or deepen your exploration of the secrets of the universe, depending on your preference.

999 – Master Number

A significant lesson or circumstance is taking place when you encounter this number frequently, and these teachings are bringing highly vital lessons for your soul’s fast evolution to your attention. Another interpretation is that it is a message from the skies that you have completed a period of growth, or “Mastering,” as it is known. During this period, it is usual to terminate employment, relationships, and friendships that are no longer serving your highest self expression. In contrast, the closing of one door always results in the opening of another, and new experiences will come in that are in alignment with who you are today or who you are becoming.

10:10 – the Alpha-Omega

Beginnings and ends are represented by the Alpha-Omega number 10:10. This is a number that has a lot of potential. As an opening to the Compassionate Heart, it has a healing effect.

11:11 – the Gateway to Your Awakening

The number 11:11 represents a portal or opening up for your emerging self. Gaining an understanding of your position within the present ascension of the planet.

12:12 – Divine Path

The number 12:12 is considered to be a heavenly number. Whenever the Higher Realms wishes to download into your awareness new ways of being human and experiencing life on Earth, this is the sign that you should pay attention. When you walk into your Divine Path, it’s like a light switch has been switched on, allowing you to be of service to mankind and every living creature on the world. ​

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